Pickleball in Cancun for RDU Players

June 22nd - June 26th Direct Flights to Kempinski Cancun Resort

Welcome to Destination Pickleball, the ultimate resource for your next pickleball adventure! Our mission is to provide customers with a safe and enjoyable pickleball experience at international destinations. We offer our guests DUPR sanctioned tournaments, exclusive events and flights to select destinations that are rich in pickleball culture and lifestyle. We have a wealth of resources and tools at your disposal, from safety protocols to resorts that are friendly to pickleballers of all skill levels. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, we’ll make sure that you have everything you need to create an unforgettable journey filled with wonderful memories. So come join us in discovering the world of international pickleball on your next vacation!

Destination Pickleball offers custom tailored experiences for DUPR-sanctioned Pickleball tournaments, camps, and events near Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). Our services include transportation, meals, excursions, and accommodations ranging from 5-diamond to 4.5 star resorts. We also offer a variety of activities and attractions in the North Carolina area designed to give pickleballers an unforgettable experience.

This 6-day package includes:

  • DUPR Sanctioned Tournaments in Cancun June 22nd – June 26th
  • Direct roundtrip from Raleigh to Cancun for $550
  • Organized and supervised by Destination Pickleball
  • Select Pickleball hotels and resorts
  • Early-bird registration for significantly discounted rates
  • Complimentary round-trip shuttle service to/from the airport
  • Organized activities and outings
  • Discounted tickets to local attractions


  • Safety: Regardless of age and gender, feel confident when traveling internationally by yourself. We can take care of airport transportation (If you let us!).
  • A peace of mind: Rest assure that your meals will be tasty and healthy, water-quality standards will be met, and your rooms will be sanitary and enjoyable.
  • All tournaments and events include free entry fee into all tournaments divisions: doubles and mixed doubles.

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Our goal is to make it easy for Picklers to travel and play in international DUPR sanctioned tournaments.

Compete and making friends around the world!

See you in Cancun!

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Are you ready to plan the ultimate pickleball vacation in Cancun? Look no further than our Raleigh-based Pickleball Vacation Planner! We offer the best flights, accommodations, and local activities to make your Cancun getaway the best it can be. From luxury resorts with private pickleball courts to discounted all-inclusive packages, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out more about our amazing trip planning services.

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Ready to start planning your pickleball getaway in Cancun? Our Raleigh-based Pickleball Vacation Planner has everything you need to make your trip a success. From finding the perfect flights and accommodations to discovering local activities and pickleball tournaments, we’ll take care of it all. Contact us today to start planning your dream pickleball vacation in Cancun!

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