About Us

We Bring Pickleball to International Venues

Destination Pickleball is a one-stop shop for the pickleball enthusiast looking to find the best destination to play, book trips, and get the best deals. We believe that hosting international Pickleball tournaments at all-inclusive resorts with included transportation at a competitive rate will allow more people to feel comfortable and confident when traveling. Our ultimate goal is to make pickleball accessible to everyone by providing an easy-to-use platform that offers safety, a peace of mind, and free entry into all tournament divisions: singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

Professional Pickleball Players & Technology Entrepreneurs

Destination Pickleball is a collaboration between professional Pickleball player, Rachael James, and technology entrepreneur, Andy Potanin.

Rachael played semi-professional tennis, played tennis for and graduated from UNC – Chapel Hill, and founded Bull City Tennis, LLC. Mr. Potanin co-founded UDX, a veteran-owned small business.

Andy and Rachael are eager to use their skillsets and knowledge to help shape the future of international Pickleball tournaments.

Professional Pickleball Players & Technology Entrepreneurs
Strategic Advisor

Strategic Advisor

Lee Whitwell

  • Major League Pickleball MVP 2021 and 2022,
  • International Professional Athlete
  • Speaker
  • Corporate Leadership Consultant
  • Events Coordinator
  • Social Media Influencer

Design and Fabrication, X3 Industries

Bobby Dennis

  • Licensed pilot, drone operator and designer
  • 15+ years of experience in designing and fabricating custom products for ruggedized environments, including pickleball courts
  • Logistics and supply chain management specialist
  • Focuses on cost reduction, efficiency and quality control
Design and Fabrication, X3 Industries
Pickleball Civil Engineer, Project Manager

Pickleball Civil Engineer, Project Manager

Mina Gist

  • Builds Pickleball courts for Ann Arbor, MI
  • Responsible for design and set up of civil construction drawings from conception through project completion
  • Coordinates with city officials to ensure adherence to city codes in the Detroit Metro area and surrounding states.

At Destination Pickleball,  our missions is to host international DUPR sanctioned Pickleball tournaments.

During our events:

  • Play in DUPR sanctioned tournaments.
  • Network and party with nightly entertainment. events
  • Enjoy specially curated culinary feasts.
  • Partake in exciting excursions like snorkeling, sailing and wine tasting!



Our Mission
Our Vision

While hosting international Pickleball tournaments, our long-term vision is to help nurture and give resources to the local communities.

We strive to foster the growth of Pickleball all over the world. Our tournaments are designed to bring together players of all skill levels, from novice to elite. By providing financial support for local communities and equipment donations, we aim to build an even stronger network of Pickleball players who share our passion for the sport.