Drama with the APP

Challenges & Opportunities

What's going on and where we think the industry should go.

The Association of Professional Pickleball (APP) has been an exciting part of the pickleball world since 2019. From pros and senior pros, to NextGen, amateur and recreational players, the APP has broadcast events that have become a hit with fans. Unfortunately, in recent times, it appears the APP may be being squeezed out by the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA). They recently released a press release statement disclosing that the organization’s not going anywhere. This is likely due to the PPA’s increasing popularity and high-profile partnerships.

Competition between organizations for membership is inevitable as more professional Pickleballers look for ways to make money from their sport and gain recognition from sponsorships and endorsements. On one side you have the PPA offering large prize money tournaments with high profile coverage and deals; on the other hand, you have the APP providing slightly smaller prize pools but still generous rewards for winning teams. It seems clear that if both organizations want to survive into 2023 then they need to find ways to co-exist and complement each other’s offerings rather than competing directly against each other for entry fees and sponsorship dollars.

Fortunately, it looks like there may still be hope for both organizations as people love them both and would prefer not to see either disappear completely. Players are looking for an organization which offers a balance of opportunities such as: competitive tournaments with safety protocols in place; financial rewards which recognize performance; fun social events helping build community spirit; quality coaching sessions with experienced instructors; access to mentors who can provide career advice; educational courses on game strategy; inclusion within leagues/divisions appropriate for skill level; support services such as media training when needed etc… Both organizations offer something unique which means they could work together rather than against each other by combining resources under one umbrella organization or at least collaborating more closely on certain projects/events when necessary.

In conclusion it’s clear that although competition between different pickleball organizations is unavoidable in order for them all to grow – collaboration should remain at its core as this will ensure everyone’s success in terms of attracting new memberships, gaining higher levels of sponsorship income and boosting overall visibility within their respective markets. Although some may worry about competition squeezing out an organization like the APP – if those involved work together then there’s no reason why both won’t continue to thrive well into 2023 and beyond!