Hotel and Resort Analysis: A Focus on Courts and Safety in Cancun

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Hotel and Resort Analysis: Tennis Courts and Safety in Cancun

A comprehensive study was conducted to assess the facilities and safety measures of various hotels and resorts in Cancun, Mexico. Destination Pickleball reached out to around 300 accommodations in Cancun, focusing on their tennis courts and overall guest experience. The findings from this study can serve as a valuable guide for travelers planning to visit Cancun, with particular attention given to tennis enthusiasts and visitor safety.

Key Findings

  • A total of 181 hotels and resorts were successfully contacted to gather information about available facilities and services.
  • It is essential to maintain a higher safety standard by avoiding lower-tier accommodations such as 3-star hotels. Instead, opt for at least 4-star properties or, preferably, 5-star hotels and resorts to ensure a more enjoyable and secure experience.
  • Adequate water management practices are implemented in high-quality hotels and resorts. However, travelers should be prepared for alternative arrangements for drinking water, as lower-tier properties may not be as accommodating.
  • The terms “hotel” and “resort” represent different types of accommodations, with distinct offerings and experiences tailored to various traveler budgets and preferences.
  • Understanding the hotel and resort star rating system is crucial for choosing the right property. Online reviews and ratings, such as those found on Google Maps, play a significant role in influencing traveler decisions and overall property reputation.

Differences Between Resorts and Hotels

Resorts Resorts cater to travelers seeking a complete experience within the property premises. These types of accommodations often include on-site dining, entertainment, and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses, and spas. Resorts often offer all-inclusive packages that encompass meals, drinks, and other activities within the property.

Hotels Hotels focus on providing essential accommodation services for travelers, including lodging, housekeeping, and limited on-site facilities. Hotels may range in size and quality and vary from budget accommodations to luxury properties. While hotels typically have restaurants and room service, they may not offer a comprehensive all-inclusive experience as resorts do.

Hotel and Resort Star Rating System

The star rating system is a widely recognized method to classify hotels and resorts based on the quality of services, amenities, and facilities they provide. The system, with a scale from one to five stars, aims to help travelers gauge the general standards of a property before booking.

A higher star rating corresponds to a higher level of service, luxury, and amenities. Although no universal standard for this classification exists, various organizations and travel guides assign these ratings based on their criteria and evaluations.

Google Maps Reviews Online platforms, such as Google Maps, provide valuable insights about properties through user-generated reviews and ratings. The ratings found on Google Maps are based on travelers’ experiences, enabling honest feedback on the property from customers themselves. These reviews offer real-world insight about a hotel or resort and add another layer of understanding to the star rating system.


The findings from this study of Cancun’s hotels and resorts underline the importance of understanding the differences between hotels and resorts and the significance of the star rating system. Travelers should prioritize their safety and experience by staying at properties with at least a 4-star rating. Furthermore, it is crucial to consider Google Maps reviews to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a property’s quality before making a booking decision.