Kempinski Expands Pickleball Globally

Five-star hotels, five-star Pickleball

Destination Pickleball Partners with Kempinski

Destination Pickleball is an organization that is striving to expand the sport of Pickleball internationally. This has been no small feat and it requires a lot of dedication and hard work. One way that Destination Pickleball is taking their mission to the next level is by partnering with Kempinski, a 5-star hotel chain boasting 5-diamond ratings for its two restaurants. The first time ever partnership between Destination Pickleball and Kempinski is sure to be a great experience for all who partake.

Pickleball itself is an up-and-coming paddle sport that has seen significant growth in recent years. It’s appeal comes from how easy it can be learned, but also the great deal of strategy that can be put into play. For Destination Pickleball specifically, partnering with Kempinski offers them numerous advantages, not least being the resorts exemplary service and luxurious atmosphere – both of which are sure impress anyone who visits for a tournament hosted in Kempinski’s facilities. With this partnership established, Destination Pickleball can take comfort in knowing they have selected one of Mexico’s premier resorts as their base and will be able to offer visitors an experience of unrivalled luxury thanks to Kempinski’s commitment to quality service and overall excellence in hospitality.

Kempinski’s five-diamond rating ensures visitors will find nothing less than excellence when they check into one of its hotels; from spa treatments and on-site restaurants serving world-class cuisine all prepared by chefs trained at some of Mexico and Europe’s finest culinary schools, right down to comfortable beds dressed with crisp Italian linens; everything has been carefully designed with guests’ utmost comfort in mind – something that isn’t overlooked by those attending Destination Pickleball tournaments either!

The partnership between these two entities looks set to bring together some truly amazing experiences for everyone involved. Those visiting Europe can look forward to staying at some of the best hotels around; while those taking part in Destination Pickleball tournaments have assurance their stay will be made pleasant from beginning until end thanks to all the amenities Kempinski provides its guests. Moreover, such a prestigious establishment serves as proof that Pickleball is fast becoming one of the world’s most beloved paddle sports.

By selecting Kempinski as its home base for international Pickerlball tournaments, Destination Pickleball has shown true foresight and strategic planning meant for success through providing its customers an experience beyond compare; making sure each guest feels like royalty during their stay while enjoying some prime competitive Pickleballing action at the same time! For such reasons–and undoubtedly more–this partnership between Destination Pickleball and Kempinski promises many exciting times ahead!