MLP Draft Results Round: 2

Top Picks of MLP Round 2

MLP Round 2 Draft Results

The second round of the Major League Pickleball (MLP) draft is one that has both power and finesse. It’s full of intrigue, as well as some of the best talent in the sport. This year’s draft class featured a plethora of top-tier players, many of whom will go on to become stars in the league. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the standout selections from this year’s Round 2.

Matt Wright was selected 13th overall by Clean Cause, and it’s easy to see why they targeted him. Wright is considered one of the most talented young players in pickleball today, and his skill set should fit in nicely with the team’s style of play. On top of that, his leadership qualities make him an ideal choice for a team looking to make waves in the MLP.

Lucy Kovalova was selected 14th overall by Milwaukee Mashers, another team with high expectations for the upcoming season. Kovalova and Smith were two of the top women’s teams on the PPA Tour throughout 2022, so bringing them together with their already strong partnership makes perfect sense for Milwaukee Mashers. They are sure to be a formidable duo that could help turn things around for a team that has had mixed results over recent years.

Dylan Frazier was drafted 15th overall by BLQK and he brings plenty to their table as well. Frazier is an agile player who can attack from all angles on court and he’ll provide much-needed support for their offensive game plan. Additionally, his ball placement ability will be key in helping BLQK control tempo while they try to push tempo when they have possession of the ball themselves.

Dekel Bar was taken 16th overall by LV Night Owls and this selection could also prove to be fruitful down the line. Bar is known for his ability to run an efficient offense even when faced with tough opponents on court – qualities which should be useful for LV Night Owls if they want to break into playoff contention this season. His energy and enthusiasm will be infectious too so this should work out great for them moving forward.

Jorja Johnson was chosen 17th overall by FL Smash and she looks like an excellent pick here too! Johnson has been quickly rising up through pickleball ranks thanks to her impressive interviews coupled with her solid performance out on court – making her an ideal candidate for FL Smash who are looking to build something special going forward. Paired alongside Jessica Irvine, they have all ingredients required to build something truly special here!

Simone Jardim made it 18th off Cabo Vamos board while AJ Koller (19th) was snatched up by Hard Eights afterwards before Irina Tereschenko got drafted 20th overall by LA Mad Drops – completing our list here today! Tereschenko is known as one of toughest competitors out there who loves playing under pressure – something which LA Mad Drops could definitely use more off if they want to remain competitive next season!

Tyson McGuffin got selected 21st overall by NY Hustlers with AB joining him shortly after! This pairing certainly promises plenty excitement on court since both these athletes are some off top talents currently out there – so having them play together should definetely bring energy levels up through roof very soon!

To round off the list:

#22 Jackie Kawamoto – ATX Pickleballers

#23 Etta Wright – Seattle Pioneers

#24 James Ignatowich – Jersey 5’s

All things considered, this second round saw plenty talent getting selected across MLP franchises– giving us even more reasons why we love watching pickleball games today! From young prospects like all way experienced campaigners such Tereschenko – everyone had their chance shine brightest during this draft which only means good news when it comes time watch these teams compete against each other once season starts later this year!