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MLP Founder Becomes New Chairman of PPA's Professional Player Relations

Major League Pickleball (MLP) founder Steve Kuhn recently made history by becoming the Chairman of Professional Player Relations for the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA). This merger between MLP and the PPA’s VIBE Pickleball League have created a unified sport that will be more organized, professional, and competitive than ever before.

Kuhn’s appointment to the PPA is a monumental step forward for the growing sport of Pickleball. His role as Chairman of Professional Player Relations will allow him to make a profound impact on player experience, professionalism, advocacy, well-being, and industry standards. He brings decades of expertise in creating innovative training programs and resources for players at all skill levels.

Kuhn’s career accomplishments are immense and his passion for Pickleball is undeniable. Kuhn’s appointment goes beyond just improving player experiences; it signals an even larger shift towards better organization within pickleball itself. By bringing together both major organizations under one umbrella, there is increased potential for competition amongst players from both organizations. Additionally, this merging also opens up new possibilities such as standardized regulations across multiple platforms which could further improve safety on court by ensuring that all competitors are playing by the same set of rules regardless of where they are competing.

The addition of Steve Kuhn to the PPA team comes at an incredibly exciting time for Pickleball enthusiasts. His appointment will no doubt lead to great things not only within the sport itself but also create a larger sense of community amongst players from different programs while setting them up with invaluable experiences along their journey towards achieving greater success on court!