Pickleball: A Venture Capitalist's Dream

Investing into Pickleball

Pickleball is soaring high on the wings of its growing popularity. With tournaments attracting millions of participants globally, innovative businesses have begun to sprout around this vibrant sport. Moreover, venture capitalists are starting to recognize the potential in this booming industry. In this piece, we’ll delve into why venture capitalists shouldn’t ignore the robust business prospects of pickleball and how Destination Pickleball can aid in navigating this exciting landscape.

The Lucrative Landscape of Pickleball

One critical aspect that renders pickleball an attractive investment for venture capitalists is its compatibility with the travel industry. Rachel James, professional pickleball player and CEO of Destination Pickleball, asserts that resorts are becoming pickleball’s new country clubs. Considering the smaller size and game specifics, pickleball courts yield a higher profit than tennis courts per unit area.

Roughly 60% of the tournament players travel out-of-state to participate in the thousand-plus annual competitions, leading to continuous construction of courts in U.S neighborhoods. Furthermore, with over 13 million flights per year from the U.S to Mexico and increasing growth, hotels, especially those serving American tourists, should consider the potential of incorporating pickleball facilities. Leading brands like Marriott and Kempinski have already set the ball rolling in providing pickleball amenities.

However, caution needs to be exercised to avoid comparing pickleball too closely to tennis as differences exist in terms of players’ backgrounds, vibe, and learning curves.

Advantages for Entrepreneurs & Opportunities for Growth

The growth trajectory of pickleball is still in the early adopters’ phase, signifying an opportune moment for entrepreneurs to invest their resources, spread awareness and generate value. Tools like SEMRush and Google Trends offer rich insights into the promising trend of pickleball’s steady growth. In the U.S. alone, “Pickleball” has seen 22% more monthly searches than the word “tennis,” according to SEMRush data.

However, it’s important to note that while pickleball searches are climbing, related search terms need development. Here, entrepreneurs can leverage their innovative ideas to fill this gap and drive the industry’s growth. The sport’s enormous economic potential makes it an area ripe for investment.

Creating a Successful Pickleball Venture with Destination Pickleball

CEO Rachael James and VP Andy Potanin at Destination Pickleball stand ready to guide you through the exciting landscape of pickleball business ventures. Considering their extensive experience and expertise in promoting and growing pickleball, here’s how they can assist your venture:

  1. Strategic Planning and Expertise: Destination Pickleball can offer guidance in setting goals, priorities, and strategies for your pickleball-related venture.
  2. Marketing and Promotion: Their team can help your venture reach a wider audience and attract more customers through strategic marketing techniques.
  3. Sponsorship and Funding: The Destination Pickleball team can facilitate your relationships with potential sponsors and funding sources.
  4. Community Engagement: They offer strategies to increase engagement with the community, fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.
  5. Networking and Collaboration: Destination Pickleball can connect your startup with other significant stakeholders in the pickleball sector, promoting mutual growth.


As pickleball continues on its impressive growth path, its potential as a lucrative business opportunity is manifest. The myriad benefits of engaging in this sport extend beyond the court and into vast, economically prosperous spheres, beckoning entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. With the steady guidance and firm support of institutions like Destination Pickleball, the journey into this thriving industry can prove to be both a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding endeavor.


Why is pickleball a promising venture for entrepreneurs?

Given pickleball’s growing popularity, there are heightened demands for related products, services, and experiences. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on these needs by developing innovative solutions, from pickleball equipment manufacturing to organizing skill-enhancement clinics and immersive travel experiences. Moreover, data shows a rising trend in pickleball-related searches, indicating a growing target market.

What role can venture capitalists play in pickleball’s growth?

Venture capitalists can significantly impact pickleball’s growth by investing in businesses and entrepreneurs serving the industry. Their financial support can fuel the development of new products, services, tournaments, and infrastructural enhancements. This aids in promoting the sport and meeting the rising demand, consequently expanding the industry.

How can Destination Pickleball help in creating a successful pickleball venture?

Destination Pickleball offers extensive experience and knowledge in promoting the sport. They can guide your venture through strategic planning and provide expertise. They can also help your business reach a wider audience through marketing, establish connections with potential sponsors, and engage the community. Their collaboration can lead to a successful and rewarding business venture in pickleball.