Corporate Sales Playbook

for Destination Pickleball

Our Approach

Destination Pickleball offers a unique solution to American companies that value staff training and development by combining work and play in a beautiful, tropical destination. We partner with premium resorts like Kempinski Cancun to provide an unforgettable experience that allows teams to bond, learn, and recharge while enjoying picturesque views and exceptional amenities.

Destination Pickleball is a premier provider of corporate retreats that combine team-building activities with the fast-growing sport of pickleball. We offer a unique blend of professional development and recreational activities in a luxurious, tropical setting. Our corporate retreats are designed to foster team cohesion, improve communication, and promote a healthy work-life balance. We believe that a happy, healthy, and cohesive team is a productive team. Our corporate retreats are not just about playing pickleball; they are about creating an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie. We partner with top-tier resorts to provide an unforgettable experience that your team will be talking about for years to come.

Target Market

Our target market includes mid and large-sized American companies in industries such as technology, healthcare, professional services, finance, and hospitality that prioritize employee well-being and team-building activities. We focus on companies that recognize the value of incorporating physical activities and team-building experiences into their employees’ development strategy.

Target Market Segment Description
Mid & Large-Sized Companies American companies with a significant workforce and resources, seeking employee development and team-building solutions.
Technology Industry Companies in the tech sector, including software, hardware, and IT service providers, who aim to improve team cohesion and employee well-being for better productivity.
Healthcare Industry Medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers focused on providing quality healthcare services and products, aiming to enhance employee performance and patient care through team-building activities.
Professional Services Industry Consulting firms, marketing agencies, and financial services providers offering specialized services in various domains, looking to improve teamwork, collaboration, and broadening employee skill sets.
Finance Industry Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms seeking opportunities to increase workforce cohesion, enhance employee well-being, and encourage stronger relationships.
Hospitality Industry Hotels, resorts, and tourism agencies that value staff training and development, focusing on improving customer service and employee engagement through team-building events and activities.

Package Offerings

We have designed four customizable package tiers, catering to various client requirements within the flourishing pickleball community. These tiers include:

  1. Corporate Pickleball Retreat – Ideal for team building and wellness activities, featuring group pickleball lessons, private courts reserved for tournament play, and access to pickleball pros for personalized training. Recreational activities such as beach volleyball, snorkeling, and spa services are available.

  2. Pickleball Training and Development – Focused on intensive pickleball training and skill development, including daily clinics led by pickleball pros, video analysis of player performance, and tailored coaching sessions to improve specific skills. Suitable for companies promoting a healthy work-life balance.

  3. Work and Play Pickleball Package – A combination of business and leisure with meeting and conference facilities, alongside pickleball activities. Offers professional meeting spaces with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, breakout rooms for team discussions, and team-building pickleball sessions. Informal networking opportunities are provided through fun recreational activities and evening entertainment.

  4. Executive Pickleball Summit – Designed for executive teams and board members, offering premium services and unique experiences such as personalized pickleball training, executive game sessions, and high-level networking opportunities. This package includes luxury accommodations, customized dining experiences, and curated leisure activities like spa treatments, golf, and cultural excursions.

This table outlines the package offerings with base pricing, length of stay, and total price based on a group of 50 attendees. The profit margin and profit amount for each package option are also included, offering an overview of the financial benefits for each package.

In this table we’ve highlighted the key characteristics of each target industry’s employee demographics and interests, their primary corporate culture values, and a sales approach tailored to address their specific needs and preferences. By considering these factors in our sales strategy, we can effectively communicate the unique value proposition of Destination Pickleball to each industry and increase our potential client base.

Package Name Per Person Length of Stay Total for 50 Attendees Profit Margin Profit for 50
Corporate Pickleball Retreat $450 USD 5 days $112,500 20% $22,500 USD
Pickleball Training and Development $500 USD 7 days $175,000 25% $43,750 USD
Work and Play Pickleball Package $550 USD 5 days $137,500 30% $41,250 USD
Executive Pickleball Summit $600 USD 3 days $90,000 35% $31,500 USD

Sales Strategy

Our sales strategy focuses on targeting large American organizations based on the following criteria:

  1. Industry Focus: Target industries that emphasize well-being, sports, and team-building activities, like technology, healthcare, and professional services.

  2. Employee Demographics: Identify companies with employees interested in physical activities, sports, and team-building events.

  3. Corporate Culture: Approach organizations that prioritize employee engagement, well-being, and work-life balance, making them more receptive to our offerings.

  4. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborate with travel agencies, corporate event planners, and HR outsourcing firms to promote and recommend our packages to their clients.

Industry Employee Demographics & Interests Corporate Culture Values Sales Approach
Technology Tech-savvy, sports enthusiasts Innovation, well-being, teamwork Highlight benefits of pickleball for team-building and a balanced work-life
Healthcare Health-conscious, active professionals Employee well-being, patient care Stress the role of physical activity and teamwork in enhancing overall employee and patient care
Professional Services Goal-oriented, team-driven individuals Collaboration, work-life balance Demonstrate value of team-building activities and personal growth through pickleball
Finance Competitive, active professionals Efficiency, work-life balance, collaboration Emphasize the role of teamwork in increased productivity and the fun aspect of pickleball
Hospitality Service-oriented, fitness enthusiasts Customer service, staff development Showcase the benefits of active team-building activities in enhancing service and employee morale


  1. Data Compilation: Gather data on potential target companies within relevant industries, identify their key decision-makers, and compile a list of prospective clients.

  2. Account-Based Marketing: Develop personalized marketing campaigns to target potential clients, utilizing online and offline channels, including targeted emails, social media advertising, and direct mail campaigns.

  3. Trade Shows and Conferences: Participate in industry-specific trade shows and conferences as exhibitors, advertisers, and attendees to enhance our brand visibility and generate leads.

  4. Testimonials and Case Studies: Develop compelling success stories from past corporate clients to showcase our service quality and demonstrate the value of our offerings.

  5. Content Marketing: Share valuable and engaging content related to pickleball, team building, and corporate retreats, such as blog posts, articles, and social media updates, to capture interest and create online awareness.

Sales Message Type of Lead Organization Type Reason
“Enhance Team Cohesion and Performance with Destination Pickleball’s Corporate Retreats” Decision-makers in HR or Operations departments Companies looking to invest in employee well-being and performance improvement Emphasizes the importance of team-building and relationships for boosting performance in the workplace
“Revitalize Employee Morale and Foster Long-lasting Connections through Pickleball Retreats” Leads involved in employee engagement and work-life balance initiatives Companies dealing with high turnover or low morale Focuses on team bonding as a valuable solution to employee discontent and disconnection
“Leverage the Power of Teamwork and Collaboration with our Work and Play Pickleball Packages” Leads interested in corporate offsites with a mix of work and leisure Companies in fast-paced, competitive industries Combines the appeal of sports as a leisure activity with professional development and collaboration opportunities
“Develop Exceptional Leadership Skills in a Luxurious and Exciting Environment” Executive level decision-makers Companies seeking to enhance their leadership team’s performance Highlights the value of an exclusive and luxurious setting for improving decision-making and leadership skills
“Boost Employee Retention and Satisfaction through Destination Pickleball’s Unique Retreats” HR managers and team leads Companies experiencing employee attrition or seeking to improve employee retention Focuses on the impact of a unique and enjoyable experience on employee satisfaction and retention rates

Monitoring & Evaluation

We will track metrics such as lead generation, engagement, conversion rates, and feedback to assess the effectiveness of our sales and marketing efforts. Based on the insights gathered, we will adapt and optimize our approach, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our corporate clients.

Metric Description Measurement Tools
Lead Generation The number of prospective clients generated Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics, Email Analytics
Engagement Rate Level of interaction with marketing content and activities Hootsuite Social Media Analytics, Google Analytics for website metrics
Conversion Rates Percentage of leads converted into clients Salesforce CRM, Sales Reports, Follow-up Surveys
Client Feedback Client satisfaction with our packages and services SurveyMonkey, Testimonials, Online Reviews
Return on Investment (ROI) Profit generated in relation to marketing spend Financial Analysis Tools, Marketing Budget Tracking Tools

In the Monitoring & Evaluation section, we will track these essential metrics using various measurement tools, including HubSpot CRM, Google Analytics, social media analytics, and financial reports. Based on the insights gathered, we will adapt and optimize our approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for our corporate clients.

Pricing and Length of Stay

We will offer a range of packages, with durations ranging from three to seven days. The base price per package will depend on factors such as industry, customer size, and total duration but will range from 600 USD per person per day. Accommodations, meals, and amenities can be customized for each group, depending on the package selected. All pricing will be based on an all-inclusive cost, including lodging, food, and activities.

Suggested lengths of stay for our recommended packages are as follows:

  1. Corporate Pickleball Retreat: 3-5 days

  2. Pickleball Training and Development: 5-7 days

  3. Work and Play Pickleball Package: 3-5 days

  4. Executive Pickleball Summit: 3-5 days

These suggested durations provide enough time for participants to get the most out of each package’s offerings, including pickleball activities, team-building exercises, networking, and leisure time. However, clients can customize the length of stay based on their preferences and needs.


Destination Pickleball is the perfect destination for companies of any size that want to prioritize employee well-being while focusing on team-building and morale building. Our customizable packages provide unique and comprehensive solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. From our Corporate Pickleball Retreat to our Executive Pickleball Summit, we offer something for everyone regardless of skill level or budget.

Using an account-based marketing strategy, we will target mid and large-sized organizations in industries such as technology, healthcare, professional services, and finance. Our tactical implementation strategies include data compilation, targeted emails, social media campaigns, and attending industry-related events. We will track our progress and optimize our sales and marketing approach based on the results.

Company Overview

Destination Pickleball is more than just a service provider - we're a community of passionate pickleball enthusiasts dedicated to promoting and growing the sport. We're not just playing the game, we're changing it:

  • International pickleball tournaments.
  • Professional training camps.
  • Unique pickleball travel experiences.
  • Luxury resort partnerships for events.
  • High-quality pickleball equipment and apparel.

Mission Statement

Our mission goes beyond the court. We're committed to making pickleball accessible to everyone, everywhere, and to providing high-quality experiences that foster the growth of the sport. Here's how we're making it happen:

  • Expand the global reach of pickleball.
  • Provide high-quality pickleball experiences.
  • Promote health and wellness through sport.
  • Support the development of pickleball athletes.
  • Contribute to the global pickleball community.