Master Competitive Pickleball with Backdraw/Pro

Backdraw/Pro is a mobile platform designed to enhance your pickleball gameplay. Offering detailed analytics, strategic partner choices, training notes, and competitor tracking, it’s the perfect tool to dominate the competitive pickleball landscape. Upgrade your presence with our premium services and unlock rich visual analytics for a tailored approach to your game.

Backdraw/Pro is your comprehensive tool for mastering the competitive pickleball landscape, all accessible from a mobile platform that enhances your strategic gameplay. With detailed analytics and performance trends at your fingertips, you can supercharge your ambition and elevate your game:

  • Discover hitting partners tailored to your competitive style.

  • Visualize connections and strategic alignments within the pickleball community.

  • Choose doubles partners to strategically improve your rankings.

  • Record detailed training notes and monitor match outcomes with precision.

  • Identify emerging talents and key competitors, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Integrated seamlessly with DUPR, Backdraw/Pro allows you to pull match data directly into the app for $40/month. This subscription unlocks our Marks/Graph feature, providing you with rich visual analytics to decode performance patterns and enhance your strategic approach.

Further enhance your professional presence and network with:

  • Link: For $200/month, expand your connectivity, enabling deeper engagement with the pickleball community and broader networking opportunities.

  • Brand: At $500/month, create a customized, white-labeled web presence built around your personal domain, complete with world-class design and managed media. This premium service boosts your visibility, attracting fans, partners, and sponsors.

Backdraw/Pro merges top-tier engineering with insights from the music industry for fan engagement and FinTech expertise for secure transactions. Designed to maximize your earning potential, Backdraw/Pro positions you to not just participate in the world of pickleball but dominate it.