Innovative Pickleball Courts: Investment Opportunities & Community Engagement

Explore Destination Pickleball, a unique venture that blends commercial real estate and community sports. Spearheaded by Rachael James-Baker and Andy Potanin, we’re transforming spaces into dynamic pickleball venues. Join us in fostering community engagement, promoting health and wellness, and tapping into the emerging popularity of pickleball.

  • Development: Autonomous Outdoor Pickleball Courts.

  • Partnerships: Collaborations with Commercial Real Estate Investors.

  • Objective: Rapid Scaling with increasing margins.

Autonomous Court Model: Advantages and Challenges


Cost-Effective: Lower initial investment than traditional structures.

Rapid Scaling: Quicker expansion due to reduced financial and operational burdens.

Risk Mitigation: Shared investment and operational risks with partners.

Community Focus: Enhances local communities, appealing to various stakeholders.

Brand Building: Leverages professional pickleball networks for brand promotion.


Weather Dependence: Limited usability during adverse weather.

Limited Amenities: Absence of facilities such as restrooms or lounges.

Strategic Location Analysis

Phoenix, Arizona: High retiree population, good climate.

Orlando, Florida: Large senior community, tourist influx.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Dry and sunny weather, high tourist activity.

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina: Fast-growing, retiree influx, humid summers.

Charlotte, North Carolina: Urban center, strong sporting culture.

Asheville, North Carolina: Popular with retirees, growing tourism.

Land Acquisition Options and Costs

Phoenix, Arizona:

2.13 acres at 31036 N 56th St #6, Cave Creek ($1,250,000).

6,330 sq ft at 1728 S 4th St #23, Phoenix ($119,900).

2,500 sq ft at 1006 S 5th Ave #21, Phoenix ($60,000).

2.47 acres at 37859 N 34th Ave Unit B, Phoenix ($300,000).

Orlando, Florida:

5.01 acres at Oberly Pkwy ($370,000).

10.61 acres at 8910 Winter Garden Vineland Rd ($2,300,000).

2.60 acres at Lot 70 Bancroft Blvd ($225,000).

Las Vegas, Nevada:

2,614 sq ft at 8175 Arville St #140 ($205,000).

6,534 sq ft at 920 E Bonanza Rd ($550,000).

2,614 sq ft at 8175 Arville St #321 ($219,900).

2.50 acres at 0 Azure & Campbell ($1,200,000).

Revenue Model and Estimation

Charging Structure: $5 per hour per person.

Estimated Annual Revenue: $219,000 per facility based on specific assumptions.

Pitch Deck Narrative and Positioning

Concept: Private version of public courts.

Narrative: Emphasizes the blend of public accessibility with private efficiency.

Focus: On combining the advantages of public and private models in the autonomous court setup.

This summary encapsulates the entire conversation, including the business concept, the pros and cons of the autonomous court model, detailed location analysis with specific land options and their costs, revenue estimation, and the positioning for the pitch deck. It offers a comprehensive view of the proposed business model, strategic locations, financial aspects, and marketing approach.m

Subject: Destination Pickleball: Revolutionizing Community Spaces – An Exclusive Investment Opportunity

Dear ,

I’m Andy Potanin, partnering with the dynamic Rachael James-Baker, a force in professional pickleball and a former standout in collegiate tennis. Together, we’re spearheading Destination Pickleball, a transformative initiative melding commercial real estate with vibrant community sports hubs.

Imagine spaces that resonate beyond sports – fostering community, health, and connection, anchored by our innovative approach. Rachael’s sportsmanship, combined with our technological prowess at Usability Dynamics, sets the stage for a unique investment venture.

This is more than an investment opportunity; it’s a chance to shape communities and champion well-being. Let’s meet to unfold this vision. Are you available next week?

Looking forward to potentially shaping the future together.

Best Regards,

Andy Potanin

Usability Dynamics & Destination Pickleball

Subject: Innovative Opportunity for Commercial Real Estate Development with Destination Pickleball

Dear ,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m Andy Potanin from Usability Dynamics and Destination Pickleball. I’m reaching out to share an exciting investment opportunity that blends commercial real estate development with the growing popularity of pickleball and community engagement.

Under the guidance of Rachael James, a renowned figure in the pickleball community, we are spearheading a project to transform underutilized spaces into dynamic pickleball venues. These sites will serve not just as sports facilities but as vibrant community hubs, fostering social interaction and promoting health and wellness.

Here’s a snapshot of our plan:

  1. Strategic Land Acquisition: Focusing on key locations, such as unused parking lots near urban centers and military bases, to maximize accessibility and community involvement.

  2. Innovative Technology Integration: Drawing on my experience at Usability Dynamics, we aim to implement state-of-the-art technology to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.

  3. Community-Centric Approach: Our vision extends beyond sports; we are creating spaces that resonate with the community’s needs and contribute to its vibrancy.

This venture is more than a profitable real estate investment; it’s a chance to positively impact communities while tapping into the burgeoning popularity of pickleball. We believe that your expertise in real estate investment aligns perfectly with our goals and could significantly amplify the project’s success.

I am keen to discuss this opportunity with you in more detail. Would you be available for a meeting next week to explore this potential collaboration?

Looking forward to the possibility of joining forces on this exciting venture.

Best Regards,

Andy Potanin

Usability Dynamics & Destination Pickleball