Revolutionizing Pickleball Travel with Innovative Sports Technology

Destination Pickleball is revolutionizing sports travel with our innovative sports technology. We integrate AI API to simplify planning, offer direct flight and venue bookings, and organize group travel. Pickleball serves as our primary market, connecting venues to customers seamlessly. We’re the emerging Expedia of Sports and a formidable Ticketmaster competitor, all thanks to our unique vertical integration approach.

To raise capital with YC in the range of $3m – $15m over two years, it is important to have a well-prepared presentation.

  • where we came from

  • what we’re developing – sports technology agent

  • Phase 1: AI APi integrated to make sports travel easier (tools for planning destination events, scheduler copy/paste, travel-like-rachael) “travel tools”

  • Phase 2: Flights booking and venue booking “travel ownership” (B2C)

  • Phase 3: organized travel for group (flight, hotel, transport, registration, contracts)

  • pickleball is “beachhead market”, primarily all travel

  • empowering vertical integration that connects venue to customer

We do this in pickleball because it’s right timing and we’ll be our first user.

Companies to note: Ticketmaster Killer, Expedia of Sports