Rising Trends in Solo Travel: A Focus on Sports Enthusiasts

Explore the growing trend of solo travel, particularly in the sports events sector. With a surge in individual participation, solo travelers, especially women, are making a substantial impact on the travel market. Discover their spending habits, popular activities, and the exponential growth in solo female travel.

Solo travelers are a significant and growing segment of the travel market. Although finding precise statistics on the number of flights and hotel bookings made by solo travelers specifically for sports events is challenging, we can infer from general trends that the impact is substantial.

  1. Solo Travel Popularity:

    • Solo travel has been steadily increasing in popularity, with a notable rise in individual participation in events and activities.

    • In 2022, 16% of Americans reported taking solo trips, and the interest in single-traveler flights for 2023 surged by 36% compared to 2022.

    • The pandemic period saw a near doubling of solo travelers from 14% to 23% by mid-2021.

  2. Female Solo Travelers:

    • The solo travel market is heavily influenced by female travelers, who represent a large majority.

    • In the US, 84% of solo travelers are women, and 72% of American women have embarked on solo vacations.

    • The market for solo female travel has seen exponential growth, with companies catering to this demographic experiencing a 230% increase in business.

  3. Spending Habits:

    • Solo travelers’ spending habits reveal that many allocate between $1,000 and $2,000 per week on their trips, not including airfare.

    • In Europe, British solo travelers had one of the highest budgets for flights and hotels.

  4. Solo Travel Activities:

    • Cultural attractions and local cuisines are popular among more than half of solo travelers.

    • A significant portion also enjoys exploring cities without fixed itineraries.